Mom, I Miss You...

Mardi Birch

My beloved mother passed away at the age of 78 from complications from a stroke. Christmas will never be the same to any of us in the family. My mother made me the person that I am today. I was born brain damaged, and when the doctors told my mom to institutionalize me, she told them where they could put that idea, and took me home. She held me, loved me, talked to me and taught me to use my brain in unconventional ways. My mother was always ahead of her time. She went to college and graduated around the time that WWII started. She went into the navy and became a WAVE. The pictures of her in her uniforms are priceless and speak volumes of her love for her country. She and my father were married for 51 years at the time of her death. I was able to visit her in the nursing home before she died, and she was like an infant. I combed her hair, put moisturizer on her, washed her face, talked to her, read poems to her, and prayed by her bedside for God to take her away so that she would no longer suffer. She did so much for me and I could do so little for her in the end.

Mom, I only hope that you know how much we all miss you and how much we all love you. Someday we will all be together again. Until that time, my heart will never be the same. I feel as though it has been torn. I love you, Mom.

Mardi Birch

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anniversary date 12-11-98
date of post 12-28-98

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