Marcy Heminger

My 21 year old son Douglas (Doug) Lee Warmouth died at 10:30p on Friday night, Sept. 9, 1994, (just six days after his 21st birthday) from a one car alcohol-related accident. He died instantly after being thrown thru the t-tops on his car (they were in at the time), jamming his neck into his body. My life changed from that moment on. At first, I was just sort of numb. But the day I had to leave my son in the cold ground and go home without him was the worst day of my life. I was totally drained. All I felt was devastation, just total devastation. The tears began and wouldn't stop and then the guilt over stupid things began. Finally anger took over. I snapped at anyone and everyone. I didn't care what anyone thought. Nothing mattered. And now, two years later, I have just come to the point of missing him each and every second of every single day. Maybe this is the "acceptance" phase everyone says a grieving person must go thru. If so perhaps I'll finally find some peace and be able to remember my son's smile and his laughter. His favorite holiday was Christmas and he always looked forward to all the decorations and gifts, and the family gatherings. The past Christmas was just days to get thru. This year will be different. Christmas this year will be in his honor. We will talk about Doug and bring our memories of him out where we can all relive them. We will laugh and remember him with all the love we feel and somehow I believe that he will know what we are doing and he will be with us.

Marcy Heminger

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anniversary date 9-9-94
date of post 12-03-96

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