My Dear Mother, karen

Marc Vierbickas

A single mom with a sickly son "me" spent half of her life raising me better than any one else could have or would have. Taken from this world at the young age of 49 by lung cancer. Her father passed away of the same affliction so we knew what to expect this helped the family mobilize to keep her comfortable. I had so much hope at first until my aunt brought me down to reality at the time I was mad, but I thank her now for making me realize the end was near . I had just moved out of the house and had some guilt residing from that but it soon passed when she came to stay with me for a while right before she got sick.

The three flights of stairs at my new apartment brought out the symptoms of the yet unknown cancer attacking Karen. It was a horrific rollercoaster after the diagnosis from treatments to operations that just made her more uncomfortable.

There is not a day that goes bye no matter how fun or busy or bad or crazy that I don't have feelings about her and what we will never do again. One minute it is rage the next depression not caring what happens at all - "bad days".

I know she is with her father now they were so close as close as we were these thoughts will keep me going through this and little things like this posting will always help me remember and concentrate on the happy memories that we had in abundance!

This is dedicated to Karen Ann Vierbickas 10/05/49-12/31/98 4:30a.m. Mother and Father to me. I have been truly blessed with a woman so incredible as my mother.

Marc Vierbickas

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anniversary date 12-31-98
date of post 4-23-99

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