This Too Shall Pass

Lois Jones

"This too shall pass" became Fred's saying when he became ill with MS. As his health deteriorated in 3 months, I thanked God for Fred's spirit for his 47 years. Fred had never been hospitalized until this illness, and it hit him very quick and sudden, but he never failed to joke and make others laugh about him. His son and daughter had come home to assist me and help him to recover. The struggles in our lives had prepared us to work together, pray together, laugh together and now see Fred through this sick spell. Fred was a good father, a cheerleader for God and a loving husband of 26 years. When he stopped walking, we carried him and when he stopped talking, we made him laugh. We mirrored back to him what he had given us. In his last days, he eyed me and held my hand as tight has he could, he knew he was leaving me, but yet I prayed on when doctors had doubt. For surely this was too quick and sudden for a good man to leave this earth, I just couldn't understand and I had to hold on to God's unchanging hand. My son prayed as I drifted off to sleep and Fred went home on Memorial Day, the 26th of May 1997. My son, Duece, said as soon as he prayed, "Lord, I release my father to your will, you know just how much he can bear." Seconds later, Fred left us softly in the morning. Fred was a Minister and I know he's telling all his loved ones in glory, "and It Came To Pass, Fred Jones made it in, not by his works but by grace." I miss him so much but I am glad he is with the One he wanted to see all of his life--Jesus Christ!

Lois Jones

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW
Lois Jones, 47, writes about the death of her husband, Fred.