I miss my big brother!

Lisa Nickles

My brother Bill was killed while working in Ohio. He was an engineer for a telepone line that sent him to many different states. He had been doing this line of work since he was 16 years old and died when he was 36. He was killed by a train that was passing on the road he was driving on. I can only hope he was not scared or that he didn't even see the train. I couldn't stand the thought of someone so full of life, as he was, to have ever been afraid so far from home and alone.When his car came into the path of the train, they said he was killed instantly.

He was the kind of person everyone in the family could be proud of. He took care of his wife and 5 children better than anyone that I have ever seen. It amazes me how someone like that could be taken from us. His older kids have had time to get used to him and the youngest was 3 weeks old at the time of his death. I don't know which is worse, having known such a wonderful father or not knowing what you would have had. I also cannot imagine the pain a person could feel by outliving their children the way that my parents have had to feel. The pain is so great for me and my brother and sister. We all think of him everyday and always will. I will miss his smile and his wonderful laugh and sense of humor. We all love him very much. If anyone understands what we are going though, please email me.

Lisa Nickles

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