I Still Tell Her My Secrets

Lisa Fowler

My mother was my best friend. Growing up it had always been the two of us as my parents were divorced when I was two. We did everything together, went everywhere together, I told her all my secrets, and she told me hers. We moved to Texas in 1982, and it was here that I met my husband in my Junior year of high school. He was having a rough family life so my mother being the caring nurturer that she was invited him to stay in our home. In 1986 he moved two hours away to go to college and again it was just her and I, but as with many young kids I soon found I missed him more than I could bear so I moved to be closer to him, and we then became engaged and planned to get married in two years after school. Sadly the next year I was called by my Grandmother to tell me mom was having some medical problems and after seeing the family doctor, he had suggested she go to a larger hospital. in Dallas for further diagnosis, I left my home at 4 am and drove straight to my moms and from there we went to the hospital. After 6 hours of tests and endless prayers the Doctor came out and told me she had been diagnosed with Lung cancer, he gave her six months to live. My fianc´┐Że and I decided to push up our wedding and made plans for Aug. 1st only three months away. I had to plan everything myself, there were no mother daughter trips to the florist or the bridal shop, no running about and planning last minute details together. I pulled it all off and it was beautiful, she was so ill during the wedding but managed to stay through it all and keep a loving and warm smile on her face, then three days latter she flew to California to undergo radiation and chemo at a hospital in San Francisco. On Aug. 19th 1987, I knelt by her side crying and told her to let go,(she was barley conscious) I told her I would always tell her my secrets and I would remember hers, I would always love and remember her, she died quietly in her sleep at 3:30 am that morning and I still love her, I still tell her my secrets.

Lisa Fowler

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anniversary date 8-19-87
date of post 4-27-99

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