Daddy's little angel

by Lisa Bradley
Daddy's little angel is what people told me I was. I was no where near the "perfect" child that my dad made me out to be, but I was his little angel and he was my hero.

My dad was taken from me in a F-100 plane crash on July 11, 1994. It is a day I will never forget. I can still hear my sister's voice on the phone as she told me that his plane had gone down. I said "but he's okay isn't he". She said "Lisa, he was killed".

I cannot say that time has healed my pain, but time has taught me to live with it. During the times I think I cannot go on I just remember that my dad is in heaven and he is with our Lord and I too will be there someday. I know that even when I see my dad again it will never be the same. He now knows that I am no angel. Will he ever be proud of me again?

My dad was my perfect father. He was MY hero. He always seemed more then life. It amazed me everyday that I was HIS daughter. I cannot even begin to express the pride I take in being his daughter. Most people on this earth have never even heard his name - Col. Charles William Bradley. But to me he was and is everything!

I miss you Dad and I am sorry that I have disappointed you.

Your little angel,

If you wish to write you can reach Lisa at: [email protected]

Lisa would welcome mail of support and understanding, particularly from those who have experienced a similar loss.

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