Our Jennifer

Linda Stal

A snow board glistening, on fresh fallen powder...waits in anticipation. Ski's stand ever ready, poles poised to feel your energy, down an unmarked run. A volleyball's spiked, the net vibrates softly, the ball lies unreturned. Unlaced roller blades, a Walkman still blasting, the wheels slowly spinning, music calling your name. The evening sun glistens teardrops, on a wind surfers sail, laid rest from elation, of another day's play. An unwanted pet, waits alone for compassion, you pick it up tenderly, and carry it home. All that you touched, felt the glow of your kindness. You came bringing Huskies shirts, puzzles and bunnies, stories of magic, for eyes bright with joy. No challenge could hold you, we were awed by your courage, and blessed by your love The sun touched your face, sprinkled gold in your hair, nature's brilliant delight in the reverence you shared. You returned to the sea, tiny fish kissed your laughter.... Her embrace to enfold you, and now you are one.

Mom 5/21/96

Jennifer's ashes were spread over the mountains and rivers of the Northwest that she loved. Of the many that cherished her and shared their words of love and farewell, these are the feelings of only one of them:

Fly over high mountains, on the wings of the birds,
Sparkle in snow drifts, where the quiet is heard.
Dance on the tree tops, while the animals play,
Shine your light on the waters, that glisten each day.
The world gave you to me, and took you too soon,
Go run through the meadows, play tag with the moon.
Nurture the wildflowers, so they grow far and wide,
When children pick handfuls, you'll be by their side.
Everyone loved you, God's gift to mankind,
He loaned us your laughter, you were His, you weren't mine.
I will always Love you.

Mom 6/1/96

Jennifer was lost to us in a tragic boating accident on May 16th, she was just twentyone years old. She left four brother's and a big sister that all adored her. It should never have happened. It was no one's fault, and there are no answers to be found. At least none that bring any comfort. She loved "life" more than anyone I have ever known. There wasn't any sport or outdoor activity that she didn't try and become proficient in. She was training to become an Emergency Medical Technician. She wanted to help others who found themselves in distress, on a mountain, a river, or just a hike in the woods. We had no doubt she would be great at it. ,

Now our lives will never be the same without her. I think of her everyday. The pain and sorrow never subsides, occationally it hides behind a cloud. I'm told that oneday the sun will shine again...I'm still waiting.

In the meantime I have welcomed the challenge of becoming the Newsletter Editor for the TCF, Sugarland-SW Houston Chapter. Joyce Andrews is moving on to bigger and better things... and she leaves me with large footprints to fill. I'll need all the help I can get to pull this off! My hope is that by helping others in pain, I can help heal myself. Thank you for letting me share memories of my Jennifer with you.

Linda Stal

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