Remembering Dan

Linda O'Connor

Early in the morning of January 2, 1998, my brother, Daniel Carr died from melanoma cancer at the age of 34. He had only checked into the hospital 6 days earlier complaining of numbness in his arm, no one knew he had cancer. Dan had just given an engagement ring to his fiancée on Christmas Eve. He was so excited about marrying his "perfect woman." We are still stunned by this sudden loss of someone so young and vibrant in our family. Dan left behind a fiancée and many loving friends and relatives.

Remembering Dan

As we struggle to accept what we can't understand,
We ask futile questions, Why? Why now? and Why Dan?
Nothing left but our memories, photographs and thoughts
All we can do is remember…
Dan, you won't be forgotten.

We'll remember you laughing, we'll remember your face,
Your wisecracks and sarcasm, anytime anyplace.
You said how you felt, abrasive or not.
And that was just you Dan,
We'll miss you a lot.

We'll remember your excitement about your perfect woman, your future wife,
And the pretty ring for Melissa, the love of your life.
You had it all within your grasp, it was right in your hand.
You had found what you were looking for,
We'll remember that Dan.

We'll remember your successes, you were well on your way,
An engineering degree, and a good job with the state.
We're all proud of you, you were a good man.
We all love you and miss you,
We will remember you, Dan.

In memory of Daniel Victor Carr (November 27, 1963 - January 2, 1998)

Linda O'Connor

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