If I Could Just Show You

Lindy McRae

If I could just show you the way I feel,
you would understand my pain is quite real.
If I could just show you what lingers inside,
you would understand all the times I have cried.
If I could just show you the warmth of a touch,
you would understand why I love him so much.
If I could just show you my empty heart,
you would understand why I've fallen apart.
If I could just show him what love is to me,
he would understand and my heart would be free.

I lost my best friend and soul mate in a car accident a year ago. Although I don't feel I will ever accept it, I ve learned to carry on with the memories I have left. I never got a chance to tell him everything I wanted him to know, actually it was everything I needed him to know. Though time moves on and with it so does my life I realize he's still alive within me, and no one or nothing will ever replace that. There were so many things he would have accomplished, and now that he's gone I can only pray that he is somewhere out their doing all the things he never got a chance to do in this life. I would give my last breath if it meant my heart could be free, he has touched my soul in every way, an like he once said a candle never lost anything by lighting another. Patrick if you ever lose me, please find me, and I will do the same. I love you, ALWAYS & FOREVER.

Lindy McRae

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date of post 04-15-98

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