Mother of a Borrowed Angel

Linda Marie 'Pendle' Brainard

I lost my oldest son, Christopher George Brainard, to Werdnig Hoffman Syndrome on December 15, 1994. This was a type of progressive spinal muscular atrophy. Knowing it's going to ultimately come does not lessen the loss of a child. Christopher was a very intelligent, loving, sensitive and overall 'active as possible' child. He only asked not to be forgotten, my reason for a book in his honor "A Mother's Memoirs of a Borrowed Angel, (Living With Progressive Spinal Muscular Atrophy)". My only wish is to have my self published paperback commercially published to include pictures, drawings, letters, etc. having to be left out in order to self publish. He was my "Gumby Baby", and I will always miss him w/every bit of my heart. A piece of me went with him, and a large piece of me is poured out in his book. I feel privileged to have been chosen as his mother for the 18 years we had him, and only regret not having him longer and/or not being able to take on his problems and disappointments as my own. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about him, I'm sure he'd be pleased!

Linda Marie 'Pendle' Brainard

Very soon "A Mother's Memoirs of a Borrowed Angel" will be able to be purchased on CD ROM through This is Dead End Street Publications, LLC. who is my publisher for the next five years and with whom I am now talent scout. Please, check them out for my book's release date!

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