Linda Adair

My name is Linda I am a 41 year old Mother of three boys,my youngest son Chris was taken from me on March 24,1997. It was the end of my life as well.

Chris was 19 years old and the only one of my three boys to still be living at home, he was finishing his last year of high school and looking forward to going into the army.

He had just got his first job as a construction laborer and was very proud of his new job. He was told to drive a load of lumber to the other workers in a beat up pick up truck even though he had never had a drivers liscense. He argued and was told in order to keep his job he would do it.

As he was driving downhill and turning to the right the drivers dore flew open due to a faulty weld job on the hinges and as he went to reach for the door to close it, he turned the wheel to the right , there was so much dried mud packed in the steering mechanism that he was unable to straighten the wheel and hit a tree with the drivers door pinning him between the door and the frame of the truck.

He was out of sight of anyone and suffocated. It was a Monday morning and I was returning to my office from lunch whenn some of his co-workers met me in the parking lot to tell me the news. There are soo many un answered questions involving this stupid, stupid accident. My life will never be the same.


Linda Adair

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anniversary date 03-24-97
date of post 06-16-98

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