Anniversary of Diagnosis


On June 28, it will be one year that I heard my father's cancer diagnosis. My mom, dad and I were in the emergency room when the Dr. coldly announced "well, we are looking at cancer here." My heart felt like it dropped to my knees. It was like some one had kicked us all in the stomach, taking the breath out of us. Not, my dad, I thought- You've got the wrong guy!

Now I am beginning to relive this in my mind. I will never forget the phone call, my mom calling me from the emergency room to tell me that she had taken my dad there. He was having a hard time breathing because his right lung was filling with fluid. What really got me, was how cold the Dr. was. Just an announcement and that was that. No tests to back up this claim, just the casting of a death sentence.

My dad passed away on August 4, 1996, just 37 days after going to the emergency room. I miss him so much! We were very close, and I still have a huge hole in my heart. I am doing better now, the crying has lessened, and it is not consuming my every waking moment. I loved him with all my heart.


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anniversary date 08-04-96
date of post 06-26-97

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