My Beloved Sister


I wanted everyone to know how much she meant to me. She left my life so suddenly and I think about her everyday. Her name is Denise. Denise was so full of life. She always found a way to make you feel better, to make you laugh and was always willing to cry with you. I miss her so much. I had no idea that there was a problem . She was so proud she wouldn't let anyone know just how sick she really was. Denise wanted to care for you and protect you from harm. She didn't like anyone waiting on her or trying to take care of her. She never let anyone know there was a problem. Denise loves my children almost as much as I do. To have to explain to my 8 year old that she was gone was the hardest thing I ever had to do.. How can you explain to an eight year old that his favorite aunt was gone. So it was a very starry night when I told him so we could pick the brightest star and call it Denise. If he ever wanted to talk to her or just think about her all he would have to do is look up and she would be there. Every now and then if we are in the car at night, he would tell me "Look mom , there is Aunt Denise" as he is pointing to the brightest star. I hope as time goes by it won't hurt so much. The last pages of her journal said that she was so sorry and how much she loves me and my two boys. She left me some things that I cherish so much. In town they are building a brick street that you could buy brick in honor of anyone. I wish I could but it costs $50 a brick.. I am saving so we can.

Thank You


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