Marcus and the Band of Angels

La Queshia Bratts

Mr. Tom, I just want to say that my brother's death had a major impact on my life because for one his death was unexpected and for another it was unbelievable.

I can not say that I know how you feel about losing a son because I don't have any children, but I know how you feel about losing someone very dear and close to you.

I can say that when I found out about my brother's death I felt the same way you did. No one was telling us anything and they still aren't really telling us anything on how it really happened they are just assuming what happened.

I went for several days without eating. I lost a lot of weight and I felt like I was in a nightmare and I was going to wake up and realize that it was a dream but it's not.

I know how you feel about people telling those things and they were not very encouraging. I hated it when people told me that I don't need to be crying because I have to be strong for my mother. I was saying to myself what about my feelings I have lost someone who was very dear and close to me also.

We did a lot of things together. We applied for jobs together that summer hoping that we will be working together one day and helping each other out.

I am still having difficulty coping with his death because I had to deal with 5 deaths within less than a year. First my uncle (Matthew Bunch) died in January, then my grandmother (Lessie Drake) died in May, and my brother (Marcus Bratts) and my cousin (Rico Blount) died at the same time in July of 97 and then my grandfather died February 98.

La Queshia Bratts

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