Laci Lawton

My Dearest Katy

Nineteen years ago my cousin and I were "introduced" for the first time. Perhaps, that was when we began a friendship that grew stronger throughout the years. Within years we had become best friends. We were sisters in every sense of the word. We did nothing without each other.

We were there for each other in every situation. We lost many older relatives years ago, and we were always there for each other at the funerals. Our parents were always with the older relatives and therefore, Katy and I were our own best friends and couselors.

I could tell her anything and in return, she could speak to me about everything. I felt as if she was the only person in the world that I would ever love this much.

As years went by, we grew apart slowly. Though, we were still good friends. We went on to have our own best friends and our time together grew less. School, work and other friends always kept us from each other.

Therefore, on August 9, 1995 when my father called from the hospital and told us that we "lost her," my world fell apart. She had been killed in a car accident that could have been avoided if the guy in the other car would have not been speeding at an overly high speed. His car hit Katy's car and she died sometime in the hospital after that. I never had a chance to tell her that I loved her and I never got to say goodbye...possibly worse, she never had a chance to say goodbye.

Katy, you shall be in my heart forevermore,


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anniversary date 8-9-95
date of post 10-26-96

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