My True Companion

Kristin Beebe

I met Bruce when I turned 20 years old. He was so full of life. A year later he got cancer, and beat it. He relapsed when he was 23 and beat it again. He had problems relating to all of his treatments, but was cancer free and on the mend.

He proposed to me on Valentine's Day, 1996, and the proposal was shown on the 11PM news. We set our wedding date for March 15, 1997, but we had to postpone the wedding due to an upcoming surgery. We spent that weekend together, doing the things we loved.

I woke up on Monday, March 17th and found Bruce in his lazy boy. He had passed away during the night, having had a heart attack. I didn't think that I could ever go on. He was my pillar of strength, my best friend, my companion and lover.

Bruce touched many people's lives. He was a counselor at Camp Fantastic every summer, which is a camp for kids with cancer. When he was in the hospital, he would visit other people and help them through the tough times, even though he was suffering as well. He didn't complain about his illness, he just concentrated on his future. He was a student at George Mason University, and had a 4.0. He worked on a graduate team, even though he was an undergrad, on a project to bring the internet to third world countries.

The only way that I can describe Bruce and what he meant to me is the song, True Companion, by Marc Cohn. This was to be our wedding song, and it describes our relationship and love for each other.

I miss him

Kristin Beebe

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anniversary date 03-17-97
date of post 08-04-97

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