Why, Why, Why

Kiva La-Kesha Harris

why did you leave us
was life that bad
did you really think that it wouldn't get better
you didn't talk to me
maybe you did and I didn't understand
why didn't you make it clear
i've always been here for you
i've always loved you
you know that didn't you
you knew that we would miss you
did you care
i believe that you did
i just want to know why
i don't mean to be selfish
but why is important
it is important to me
and i know that it is important to mommy & daddy
you didn't really give any clues
you just checked out
no forwarding address except heaven
no matter what others say
i believe you are in heaven
you were a good person
good people don't go to hell
i want you to know that i miss you
life won't ever be the same now that you're gone

Kiva La-Kesha Harris
December 15, 1995

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