To honor my hero, my mother


My mom was diagnosed with cancer of the Esophagus four months ago. We were all devastated with the prognosis of 6 mos. to 1 year. I lived with my mom and we talked about everything very openly, but we were both terrified of this disease. My mom went in for surgery to remove the tumour on Jan. 13, 1997. She came out of the surgery fine, but developed Pneumonia two days later and was placed on a ventilator. She lived for another week then died of complications resulting from the surgery. My mom had been very heavily drugged while on the ventilator, so she couldn't communicate with us. However, the day before she died, she was taken off of the ventilator because she had been doing so well. I believe that that day was my gift from God. I sat with mom and we talked, she was still pretty out of it from the medication, but I could see in her eyes that she knew what was going on. As I left her room that night, I told her "I love you mom", and she nodded and smiled. The next morning she had been put back on the ventilator and the doctor told us to start making calls to family because she would not live through the day. My mom never regained consciousness, but we were all there with her, me, my brother, sister, her best friend and my best friend. We held her and kissed her face and just kept telling her it was ok, that it was time to go home and see her brother whom she had missed so much since he died ten years ago. Mom left us on the afternoon of Jan 24, 1997. I have lost my heart. She was the dearest soul I have ever known and I was so blessed to call her my mom. I can't believe she's gone. Our apartment is so quiet now and every where I turn I think of her. Watching T.V. (she loved her five o'clock news), I miss the sound of her voice, her laughter, the way she always teased me, I miss saying "goodnight mom" every night before bed, I miss everything. I hope my mom is in a better place, if anyone deserved it she did. She worked so hard her whole life to raise her kids and she loved us unconditionally, which is a gift few people ever know. Words are not enough to honor this woman, but I can only hope that she is now someplace where she has everything her heart could ever desire.

I LOVE YOU MOM. Love Always, Kim.

In Loving Memory of: Gayla Dawn Dembrosky 1934 - 1997


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anniversary date 1-24-97
date of post 3-15-97

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