Remembering Grandma

Kim Evans

Grandma passed away April 16,1997 at the age of 79. She had been sick for a long time, and I believed I was prepared for the loss I was not. Grandma was a unique woman; she suffered so many losses in her lifetime, including the loss of her husband of 57 years. Yet she was always more concerned for others than herself. She sacrificed for me, my brother, and my cousin our whole lives, helping to raise us. Grandma was my grandmother, my second mother, my friend, and the person who knew me best, sometimes better than I knew myself. She gave me the courage to start over after an abusive marriage. Though I did get to tell her at the end how much I loved her, and thanked her, a part of my heart went with her and I don't know if the pain will ever fade.

Kim Evans

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anniversary date 04-16-97
date of post 09-21-97

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