My Three Friends

Kelly Nost

I, Kelly Nost, am writing to you about the grievances of my the friends.

I cannot believe that it has almost been one year since my three friends have died. Even though it has been so long, I can still remember that day, the worst day of my entire life. At the school I attend, we all have a special bond and on Thursday, November 13 1997, that bond was broken...forever. I remember the silence as the principal of our school announced that there was a fatal car accident and that indeed Katy Aukamp, Candace Socorso and Chris Wallace were among the deceased. No one moved, but you could hear the echo of girls sobbing in the halls. I ran out of class to find my entire nursing class in a big huddle. Katy and Candace were our friends as well as classmates, we didn't know what to think. Katy was such a good person, we all loved her. Candace was so innocent, in fact she had just gotten her first kiss a few weeks before the accident. I still to this day can not believe that someone, maybe God, could be so cruel as to do this to all of us. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Katy and Candace and what it would be like if they were still with us. I guess I am writing this to help others who have been through the same thing that my student body went through. To go to two of your friend's funerals at the age of sixteen is a very traumatic experience. The memories will never go away and neither will the grief. I want everyone to know that Katy and Candace will always be in the hearts of all who new them, including the entire Hodgson Vocational Technical school.

In Loving Memory of Candace, Katy, and Chris.

Kelly Nost

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anniversary date 11-13-97
date of post 09-29-98

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