Having to Learn How to Live Without Mom and Dad

Kay Gleason

picture of parents My tragic experience with my parent's death has been the most difficult time in my life. Being at this young age of 29, I never, ever expected to have to live my life without them. They both were truly amazing individuals and I loved them both more than words could ever express. My whole outlook on life has changed significantly. I now can truly understand and appreciate the saying of "take it one day at a time". My beautiful Mother, my best friend was such an incredible woman. She would remind us all to take it one day at a time, and/or say "this too shall pass", whenever we were going through a difficult time in our lives. No words could ever express the emptiness I feel inside for having to live without her. She was everything to me. My heart, my soul, my everything. Living each day without her has been a struggle and very difficult. Some days I wish I could be with them, yet I can hear her telling me that I should know better. One thing that has made my grief and healing process somewhat easier is the fact that mom and dad both knew how much I loved them. I followed my mom's heart and made it a point to tell her and dad, and to show them that I cared about them and especially that I loved them. I could go on forever writing about how wonderful and special my mom was to me, but I feel that just by sharing a bit of my experience with others who have suffered a great loss is very helpful, and also somewhat of a memorial to the ones we all have lost.

Kay Gleason

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