Kathy Malone

Lance was killed while riding his motorcycle on Memorial Day, May 29,1995, through the negligence of another driver. He loved riding, the freedom, the excitement and yes even the speed of a motorcycle. He took his first ride on his fourth birthday with a next door neighbor, and his love began. When he turned 16 he bought his first motorcycle in place of a car, he had three over the years, the last one he bought 2 months before he was killed. That one was his pride and joy, it was purple, purple for freedom, the freedom he felt while riding. Along with riding his bike he loved to rock climb, watch NASCAR Racing and Notre Dame Football.

Lance attended South Gwinnett High School in Snellville, Ga. and continued his education at Dalfort Aircraft Tech in Atlanta, where he graduated with honors in 1994. He held a FAA License as a Certified Airframe/Powerplant Mechanic. He was a young man enjoying life. He had just moved into a apartment that he shared with his younger brother and was enjoying being on his own. Lance was our middle son and he is deeply missed by his family , his older brother Bryan an his wife Rebecca , his younger brother Sean and his wife and son, Jennifer and Devin, his grandparents and most of all by his mom and dad.

There has been a purple and white bumper sticker printed in memory of Lance. That reads "LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE-MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE". So far there have been 40,000 of them distributed in and around the Atlanta, GA. area. They have also been sent to other states such as TN, Fl, S.C. N.C. AL, IL,CA , TX, . We hope it will help heighten the awareness of motorcycle's on the road, so others will not have to suffer the loss of a loved one . Please visit Lance's memorial web page at to read his whole story and find out how you can get a bumper sticker.(they are free) or email us at [email protected]

RIDE HIGH- as high as forever
RIDE FREE- as free as the wind
RIDE SAFE- for God protects you now

Oh how I miss the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkled when you laughed, you truly had the Irish Eyes that smiled. If only I could hear your laugh and see those eyes sparkle one more time. I will never let the world forget you were here as long as I live. Lance, you have my heart and my love for they went with you that awful day in May. LOVE ALWAYS MOM

Kathy Malone

You can send email to Kathy at: [email protected]
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