Poems For Andy


by Kathy Cree 9/85

Since we were kids so young and free,
He was my bigger brother.
We'd laugh and play and try to trick
Our father and our mother.

We both grew older and wiser too,
And went our separate ways.
But never once have I forgotten
Those memories of earlier days.

As time went by the gentle ways
He showed his daughters and wife
Proved that his love for them was greater
Than anything else in his life.

His later years were sad and troubled
By things I couldn't know of.
If he had only asked for help,
I'd have given strength and love.

Though space between us grew at times,
There'll never be another
As close to me in heart and soul
As he, my older brother.

It's been one year ago today
Since Andy left our sight.
But still the ache can linger on
Throughout a long, dark night.

It's too late now to heal the hurt
That tore us all in parts.
But in my mind I think he knows
He's always in our hearts.


by Kathy Cree, 9/94

Ten years have flown by since he went away,
But the memories still linger on.
I think of him often and wish he was here.
It's still hard to believe that he's gone.

He was just twenty-six, a bright young man,
And he still had a long life ahead.
Why did he leave us? What should we have done?
Was there something that I could have said?

His daughters are growing so quickly each day,
Still I'm sure they remember his love.
He has two nephews now that he's never seen,
But I hope he can watch from above.

I know Mama and Daddy will cherish the time
He was part of our lives for awhile.
Though the pain seems to fade, it will always be there,
But sometimes it's replaced with a smile.

We know God has a plan that He'll show us someday,
And the secret of what lies in store.
But for now we must ask Him to give us His strength
Till the day we're together once more.

Kathy Cree

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