Compassion & Selflessness

Kathleen Simensen

My husband Jim died on 1/21/97 just 10 days before my 45th birthday he was 51 years young. I say young because life with Jim was like a roller coaster ride, he devoured life...he built the anticipation, the thrill of it all, and brought it all home with a flourish. I miss that ride and I am forever grateful that I had this wonderful man to love and who loved me. Jim died as he lived; his final act was one of compassion and selflessness. We went for a walk one winter day. Our dog ran out onto the creek right behind our home. When we called for him to come back, he turned and fell through the ice; I will never forget the look of panic and helplessness on that animal's face. Jim asked me to back to the house to get a rope. I was gone for all of 2 minutes at the most. While I was gone Jim eased out on the ice and saved the dog, throwing him to safety, however, the ice broke around him and he fell in. When I got back he was gone. While the rescue team valiantly tried for over an hour to bring him back to me, alas it was not to be, he had gone. A huge part of me, the best part of me, died to that day. I can close my eyes and I see so clear his beautiful face, hear his marvelous laughter, I can even remember the feel of him, his kiss, the scent of him, and it is so real I am always crushed when I open my eyes and he is not here.

Jim you are and always will be my knight and shining armor and I will always remember and love you.

Kathleen Simensen

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anniversary date 01-21-97
date of post 07-19-97

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