Keeping Their Love Alive


Keeping their love alive

I lost my mom ( the wind beneath my wings), May 10th,1998. It was Mothers Day .... of all days. She had complications from a quad by-pass. She was suppose to make it. The odds were 98% in her favor. I am learning to cope. It helps me to cope by reaching out to others. I would like to share my "Thank You Letter". I hope it will bring comfort to others.

Dear Family and Friends, Special people touch our lives in everything they do and leave us changed long after they have gone. Marge was a devoted wife and mother who was always there for us. She was the nucleus of our family. She was our,"rock", hero, mentor, and best friend. Our road ahead will be very difficult to follow without her. We will never be the same. The love she gave in our hearts will keep us forever close in spirit.

We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends like you. Although it is difficult to find words to say at such a difficult time you have brought us much comfort. There were so many ways to show you cared. Prayers, cards, flowers, food, baskets,services, babysitting, phone calls,visits, hugs and kisses. My wife, our mother is surely smiling up in heaven next to God because of you. Thank You.

At times many of our family member and friends said to us, " If there is anything I can do, let me know. " Well, we are glad you asked. Help keep Marge alive by talking about her. Share with others whar she has shared with you. It could be a good book, garden tip,recipe, joke, parental advise and etc. If you only knew Marge through her husband and children they can share her legacy of wisdom and love.

Before my mom passed away she completed a keepsake grandparent book. The book gives reference to her favorite things and tributes to life. Her soundest investment to pass on to you... "Invest in your children. If you do nothing else in this world. They are your greatest invested accomplishment." God Bless You and be with you Always.


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