To our son Grady,in our hearts forever

Karen Bush

My husband David and I are 45 and 47 our only child died of Burkitts lymphoma Dec. 5/96 He was sick only seven weeks and died a horrible death. Graydon Biard Bush turned 14 Oct. 26/96, he did not want his birthday as he was in the hospital. I (his mother) wrote and read the following (with a few things edited for this page) at his service--which over 520 people attended. Grady was not just our only child, but our best friend. Everything we did we did with him in mind. Life is going to be pretty quiet now with little purpose. David and I started a family later in life than many with a lot of "should we's" the answer was--most definitly. Our hearts are so full of his charm and goodness they are going to break. He was a perfect kid with no flaws. Grady loved life and people, he was most comfortable around older people and his cats and dog. High school was his dream come true, expecially since his home room was all grades (as he was in the band). He was excited about graduating in the year 2000 and going to the east coast with the band to play his trumpet. He attended many antique shows and fairs and parades since he was three showing off his miniature tractor collection,and the highlight being our own threshin day where he could have a huge "party"--he loved parties.Grady worked on our dairy farm and at his Grandpa's trailer park. He was a social guy.

We aren't sure where he got his "mouth" as both sides of his family are avid talkers but he used it well winning thirteen public speaking awards at school and legion functions. This years topic was already picked out "MY GOALS" (since this was read his Public school honored him with two yearly trophies for first place winners at the Jr. and Int. Levels) Graydon loved skiing--winter and summer and wasn't even too embarrassed when his mother tagged along. Daddy drove because we needed someone to drive us home if we got hurt or tired...and he needed an admirer. He sure had it in his family. His Grandpa, Grandma and Poppa were his best friends, which he told everyone in his speeches. Grady loved everyone.

I feel he had an insight into his future. In August he yelled "I have no friends and nobody will ever remember me" His fears were totally dispelled with the hundreds of Cards and wishes from friends family and total stranger. He was on a respirator for five weeks--which was a living hell for him--communication was very difficult, and the pain was excruciating--He never cried or complained; he focused on trying to get better. He tried so hard. I pray there is a heaven because that is where he would be. Gone but never forgotten.

Karen Bush

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