Kandi's Story


My story starts out in April I don't remember the exact day but we noticed that things didn't seem right with my grandmother. We believed that she might have had a stroke cause she couldn't talk right and had trouble moving her left side. After 2 weeks we convinced the to see a doctor she finally agreed. On April 20 we found out her results she had a tumor on her brain surrounded by fluids which was causing pressure and made it seem like she had a stroke. My grandmother never knew and didn't want to know if she had a terminal disease. She thought she had a stroke and the family agreed not to tell her cause it was her wishes. She didn't last as long as the doctors said that she would. I lost my grandmother the following month, May 28,1998. She died at the age of 71 with most of her family by her side. There was never anyone who was a more warm, caring, loving person in this world than her. She was more than a Mother, grand, and great grand, she was also a very special friend and she will be missed and loved by her family and friends always


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anniversary date 05-28-98
date of post 07-16-98

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