My Beloved Son Troy

June Clark

Troy was everything a mother could want; honor student in high school and college, always a leader, worked two full time jobs, one as security officer at a department store and the other as marine police officer. The weekend of the accident, he was coming home early to spend some time with me, and no one knows how the head-on crash happened. We had his organs donated. He never knew that the day he died, he had been selected number one for the Hartford Police Department, the job of his dreams. Over seven hundred people came to his funeral, with lines of police cruisers in the procession. His college diploma was given to his father at graduation, where a double rainbow appeared in the sky. Greatly missed and loved by all. 2/19/98 his birthday.

June Clark

June. The email adress listed below is not funtioning. I'm sure that it must be a small mistake in the address. Please contact me and let me know what the correct address is. Tom Golden.

You can send email to June at: jclark10@snet
mail welcome

anniversary date 03-31-96
date of post 02-19-98

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