In Memory of Michael R. Galaviz --11/17/52-3/30/95-- Julia Bravo

Should someone ask me what you were like, I will tell them you were strong in character with the biggest heart for helping others I have ever known. You volunteered your time and energy helping people in the North Hollywood area find jobs, places to live, fed the hungry, and ministered to the homeless. You literally gave the shirt off your back, money, sweat and tears to assist and bring hope to those around you. You did the same in Florida for the victims of Hurricane Andrew; assisted and was crucial to the running of tent cities in that area. You saved me from the pit of despair, cared and nurtured our love to the best of your ability. I will tell them you were a human being with human qualities but also touched with a strong angel of mercy who could feel other's pain no matter what the circumstances. You were funny and a storyteller. You loved children and longed to be with your own. You were a good son and brother. You were tender in your love and strong when warranted. You were the reason for many people to be alive today including myself. A lover of souls and a physical lover of women; I was fortunate to be your last love on earth and our love was ardent and constant whether we were together or apart. You always took excellent care of me when I was sick, stayed with me day and night giving love and nursing care. You wanted people to be happy and free. You were a veteran, a patriot, and loved your country with all your might. You loved God and had your own ideas about faith and religion. You brought out the best in me and I thank the Lord for every moment we had together. You were an angel here on earth, no wonder your wings are shinning now with our everlasting and merciful father in the high heavenly places.


All the good-byes said,
The flowers lay on the casket,
The flag folded,
The tears shed,
And the close ones led away;
Only his brother and I remained
Staring at the cold box Where my love rests;

Unable to let go
Unwilling to say, Adios;
If by chance I should leave
Will you forget our times?
Will the end of this affair
Mark the forgetfulness of love?

Tudy sat next to me
and gently took a rose from my hands;
He carefully removed every thorn
as if trying to remove the pain;
Kissed me on the forehead and said,
"it's time, we need to let go,
let the buriers do their job
and let Michael rest";

He gave the rose back to me
and helped me raise;
I did as I was told with
numbness in my heart;
Someone led me away
and as I turned I saw
my son standing at attention,
then salute the dead;

I laid my head to rest;
My love forever gone.

Julia Bravo

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