In Memory of Mother

Judy Steiger


God sent his holy angels
to carry my mother away,
while I sat and held her hand,
as on her bed she lay.

I prayed for God to help her,
and while I was in prayer,
she slipped peacefully into death's valley,
for Jesus was waiting there.

I believe He took her by the hand
as she neared Jordan's tide,
and I know that mother is resting now,
over on the other side.

Her suffering is all behind her,
her tears have been wiped away.
Her toils and struggles are over,
for she is home to stay.

I know I'll miss my mother,
no one can take her place.
I'll share her mansion someday,
when I finish my earthly race.

I'll trust the Lord for courage.
I'll cling to His guiding hand
for I know that He will lead me
to heaven's glory land.

Until the time when He calls me,
I'll remember mother dear,
and all the things she taught me
while she was living here.

Mother will meet me at heaven's gate,
I know she'll be waiting for me.
We'll sing and rejoice together
in heaven for all eternity.

Judy Steiger

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