Terrific Sister

Judy Dickson

Two months ago we lost a wonderful sister. She had beaten melanoma twice, in 1986 and 1976. This time it beat her. She was diagnosed in February 1997 and her remaining months until July 4 1997 had almost no quality of life to them. She spent most of her time in bed in pain and either vomiting or being afraid that she would vomit. Although the time was only a few months it seemed like forever. Her one desire was to have her sisters with her and so we three put our lives on partial hold to fulfill this wish. Seldom was there a time when one of us was not there despite living hours away and jobs, family's etc. Watching her pain was very difficult. Perhaps more difficult were the personality dynamics as her husband had great difficulty coping with her illness, our presence, the need for hired caregivers, etc.

She is gone. Probably the nicest of the four. She was a great teacher at John Wanless School in Toronto Canada and will be greatly missed. I miss her too.

I am new at the internet and e-mail, but would love to hear from anyone. Just allowing myself to remember and grieve is important.

Judy Dickson

You can send email to Judy at: [email protected]
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anniversary date 07-04-97
date of post 09-16-97

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