Dad's Final Gift

Joyce Robinson

My dad never said much. He was a Catholic Italian man who usually kept his feelings to himself. I'm sorry we didn't always have the best relationship, and I'm searching for the reasons why. I know he loved me and his grandkids - my daughter Kelly (13) and son Brad (11). Grandpa spoiled them. My mom was very difficult to live with and chased a lot of potential friends away. Now she's alone. My dad's side of the family says he left to get some peace and quiet. Anyway, dad hated funerals, viewings, etc. and had always told his 11 brothers and sisters he wanted to be cremated, unusual for his family. I was worried they would think it's what I wanted because I'm adopted, and was not considered "real" by some of his family. I found out at dad's memorial service yesterday, that he had told everyone how he felt and it was his choice for a cremation. They let me know it was fine with them. He also left my mom well provided for, so her care wouldn't be a financial burden. He didn't want us to suffer, his final gift of a hard-working tough life. I love you dad, and I know you're my guardian angel of the road. You loved to drive, and I know you're keeping vigil over your family.



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anniversary date 02-26-98
date of post 03-10-98

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