The Angel

Joshua St. John

The Angel

She was an angel sent from God
A joy to all a way of fun.

She made you laugh when you were down
She turned around an unwanted frown

To call her evil would be a lie
For she never, ever made you cry

Her jokes were droll
Her smile sweet
Her personality was really neat

If you needed a hand
She'd always have three
For she was always there
When the joy starts to cease.

A loving teacher
A wonderful friend
Too bad her world had to come to an end

Her character was bright
Her love sublime
She was a really good friend of mine

She closed her eyes for the very last time
Rose to heaven and said goodbye

And even though she has gone away
Her warmth is still deeply felt.

I hoped and prayed
She left anyway
But now I know
For she always said (and I agree)
"Everything Happens As It Should"

In Loving Memory Of Miss Amy Roseann Burgess

Joshua St. John

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anniversary date 01-15-98
date of post 10-01-98

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