Nigel ~ A Gift from God.

Joseph Farrugia

24th March '96 - A dream come true. Our first baby was born. A beautiful baby boy. We were the proudest and happiest parents on Earth. We thought about a name and decided for Nigel. Nigel like Nigel Mansell (racing car driver), Nigel Clough (footballer), Nigel Benn (boxer), Nigel Bond (snooker player). I wanted my son to be famous and courageous just like them. We brought our son to our house after two days, and it was filled with happiness.

Saturday, 6th April was another special day for our dear Nigel. It was Easter Saturday, but it was also the baptism day. Nigel was such a good boy in church and we were so proud of him. His first 9 weeks were perfect. Our baby was growing, feeding, smiling as the happiest and healthiest baby. The normal check-ups showed that everything was perfect.

But it was too good to be true. Wed, 29th May, during one of his check-ups the doctor noticed that his colour was changing. In a short time we found ourselves in Hospital and our worst nightmare started. Our Baby was in danger of dying. The Maltese doctors saved him and after some tests we were told that our child was suffering from "Pulmonary Atresia". An operation was to be done in London's Great Ormond Street Hospital as soon as possible. In a couple of days we were in England. During the flight (what we feared most) our baby did very well.

Nigel was operated on Wed, 5th June and the operation was successful. Our baby was reacting very good. The nurses gave him a "Certificate of Bravery". But it wasn't over yet. The saturation of oxygen started to decrease again and Nigel was taken back to the operating theatre. After what it seemed for ages, we got the most terrible news. Our dear Nigel was born without his main arteries and was going to die. We were devastated, but everyone hoped for a miracle.

Our baby lived for 5 more days. Mon, 10th June was the day for our Nigel to go to Heaven. He died in our arms. He was only 11 weeks old. My Nigel did not become like Mansell, Clough, Benn, or Bond. He become an Angel in Heaven. He was as famous and as courageous and everyone loves him for that. The true meaning for "Nigel" is "A Gift from God" and we're very thankful for the Gift.

Our Beloved Angel, Your stay was short but you will remain in our hearts forever. Forever Loved, Remembered & Missed by Mum & Dad. We'll see you again in your Home in Heaven.

Joseph Farrugia
The Compassionate Friends : (dedicated to Nigel)

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