My Mother - Mrs. Rita Crawley Ashbaugh Crawley


She died at the age of 67, broken from lung disease from smoking too much. She was a recovered alcoholic who took her experiences and used them to complete a degree in counseling those she had lived with. She lost a 28 yr old daughter to the effects of alcohol, and had 2 others who at least use to excess. But she was able to help many many people. I never had enough time with her - none when she was healthy - and I miss her more than I thought possible. I love you mom and will try to imbue in as many of your grandchildren as I can all the good things you left them. God - how much I miss you and wish I had insisted you come down here to live with me. It sounds trite - but life wasn't fair - when you were healthy - you were using and then you were too sick to be part of my life - how I miss you and, to be honest - How I miss all we could have done together. I love you Mom - you will always be a part of my life.


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