I Love You Mom!!

Jessica Sullivan

My mother died today (4/9/98). My mother was diagnosed with metatastic lung cancer in Oct. of 96. The lung metastasized into 8 brain tumors and one small liver tumor. For 18 months, my mother underwent radiation, chemotheraphy, sickness and changes that no person would want to experience. It was decided by my father and I to be the caregivers until her death. Last night, my mom died with her loved ones near....something she wanted from the beginning. Now the real pain is kicking in. My thoughts wander from being lonely to asking God why? Throughout my mom's illness, I became spiritual in nature. I began to pray to "someone". I began to question if there really is a heaven. My mom never talked about the end result of her cancer...dying with her children. But we did have discussions of heaven. Being with my mom from start to finish throughout the dying process, I can tell you that there is a heaven, and my mom is having a good time and watching over her family, just as she did while she was alive. I love you mom!!

Jessica Sullivan

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