My Companion

My Companion

When one has a loss of someone he loves
He feels so alone
lost in dispair
One needs a companion that helps to communicate through the air
My companion has a friend
Who we call a mouse
With the click - click the world has no bounds
I can see, hear, and read the news of the world
Play games and see my messages - their sights and their sounds
I can play and learn
I never get bored
Hours seem like seconds in the joy of my entertainment
I want to thank my companion and his little mouse
They have helped me through the loss of my spouse.

Jerry Hammond

copyright 1999

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( Note from Tom---Jerry's daughter Linda Goldman is a national esxpert on grief and children and has authored three excellent grief books
1. Breaking the Silence : A Guide to Help Children With Complicated Grief : Suicide, Homicide, Aids, Violence, and Abuse
2. Life & Loss : A Guide to Help Grieving Children
3. Bart Speaks Out: Breaking the Silence on Suicide )

If you wish to write you can reach Jerry at: [email protected]

Jerry would welcome mail of support and understanding, particularly from those who have experienced a similar loss.

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