A Tribute to My Grandmother

Jennifer Marie Boynton

December, l996

The curtain rose some years ago
Revealing a story of heart
The performance was a play of life
For which each of us held a part

Through joyous scenes of celebration
To heartbreak we can see
The struggles that had faced us
To remain a family

The star was a beautiful woman
Whose emotion all watching could feel
Her love was ever present
Which no adversity could veil

The play continued on
Revealing the stories of her life
The caring, watching mother
The strong supporting wife

As leaves fell to the ground
Winter replacing fall,
The star of this story
Faced the biggest challenge of all

The cold winds of illness set in
Which she tirelessly tried to shun,
But finally her heart had enough
And her journey here was done

The audience watched and waited
Hoping the curtain to drop
But despite their prayful assumptions
The performance did not stop.

She waits and watches us from heaven
A new journey at its' dawn
And as she would have wanted it
The play continues on.

Written and read by Jennifer at her Grandmothers Memorial Services
held at the Church of The Holy Nativity, So. Weymouth, Mass,
December 18th,1996
Submitted by her Grandfather, Leo F. Seelig

Jennifer Marie Boynton

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