In Honor of My Dad, Melvin J. Brooks


Don't take your organs to heaven, God knows we need them here....

I am writing this in honor of my dad Melvin J. Brooks who died on March 28, 1994. My dad was a kidney dialysis patient for 5 years. He died waiting for that special someone to donate their kidney. It was the saddest day of my entire life. He was a young 59 years old much to young to die. I miss him so very much. It is so hard to carry on without him. It's like a huge hole has been left in all our lives and nothing has the same meaning anymore.

I am so glad that I got to share 30 years with my dad but I feel so cheated that he is no longer here to share my life with me and my children. I cherish the special memories that he left me. I see him in myself and in my children. It is so hard to watch someone that you love dearly slip further and further away from you every day. Please if you lose a loved one consider donating their organs to others that are waiting to be given a new life. I miss you and I love you dad.


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