A Special Friend

Jean Kling

It is now about 10 PM, at about 8:30 this evening I lost a special friend, Leone Dunlap. We all live in a very rural area of Nebraska. My husband has re occurring Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and has had 4 occurrences in 6 years. He had a BMT about 5 years ago, and has had 2 occurrences since that time.

Over the years, through support groups and "Camp Hope", as special place for cancer survivors and their caregivers, we have met many special people. Leone was the most special, she had breast cancer about 3 years ago, had a mastectomy, and everything was moving along as planned.

"Onie" and her husband, Bill, had more faith in their God than most, and she cared about others so much. We formed a support group here in our county, after a short amount of time, she realized that we needed more than just cancer support, so we enlarged our group.

Her cancer came back late last year, this time it had metastasized to her bones. In late March of 1998, she went to Denver, Colorado, for a stem cell transplant. After many ups and downs, Bill and Onie came home. Onie had so many bridges to cross and hills to climb, and so little time to do it all. This life became to much for her and God took her with him tonight, our hearts hurt and we will never forget.

Jean Kling

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