The Joy of my Life- Brian

Jean Campbell

It's been but two weeks since my son Brian was killed in an automobile accident that was not his fault. Brian was 22 and yes he had his share of fender benders and a few tickets too. But lately he had been to driving school to improve his skills. Another driver fell asleep at the wheel at 3:35 p.m.on a beautiful June day and crossed the yellow lines and killed my son instantly. How can it happen that fast? You spend twenty-two years raising a child, ensuring a college education so that he can make his way in life, and then some irresponsible person snatches it away in the blink of an eye.

Brian was a joy.He was funny, and witty, and naughty, but caring and loving and responsible. He drew people to him like a magnet. It mattered not if they had ben to chool, if they worked with their hands or their minds, if they were black or white, lived nearby or far.He was a people person The phone never stopped ringing. I often answered "Brian's secretary- mAay I help you?" Now the phone rings a little and mostly for me. His friends are in shock as is his family.

I am a teacher at a K-12 school where Brian graduated. Our small community is devastated. The day my class was told they put the flags at half staff.

I am functioning by remembering the wonderful times. We made three huge collages for Brian's funeral so that all people could know him as the person he was. That seemed to help a bit. Each day hurts in a different way.

Iv'e been through grief before. My sister lost a son in a skiing accident 10 years ago. Mark and Brian had been best friends.How can one family suffer so?

I would like to hear from others who are angry with people who took their children. I realize that death hurts no matter how it comes, but at this moment I need to find out if I will ever forgive that driver.

Jean Campbell

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