Jason Cormier

Stephen was a fun loving person, who loved too much fun. He had occasionally experimented with drugs, but on May 1, 1995 decided to try crank. He died. The people he was with were afraid to call an ambulance, because they thought they would get in trouble. So after 12 hours of convulsions, etc., they called for help. It was too late then. You never quite heal, but you do learn to deal with it. I manage bands as a second job. One of the last things he said to me was " I want to see one of your bands play their music." So 12 day's after he died I had an 8 hour concert featuring the bands I had worked with. Since then I have had a benefit concert to help young adults kick the drug habit. I still have bad days, but knowing I am doing something about it in his honor has helped a lot. My advice is put your grief to work for you to help others. I have not healed yet, but I feel good because I am helping others in this situation. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

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Jason Cormier

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