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Janice Knowlton

Janice "Jan" Knowlton, not only grieves for her lost children, who died as a result of the same abuse she suffered, but survived, from her infancy through age 25--but for other survivors of childhood torture.

Especially those who are not believed when they claim they were sed in "religions" that worshiped Satan and believe the children's lives, sacrificed, will empower them.

"We grieve outside, in secret, just as we were tortured," said one survivors.

Janice Knowlton investigated and found such overwhelming corroboration of her long-repressed memories that respected true crime author, Michael Newton, checked out her evidence and asked to do her book with her.

The result, "Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer" published in 1995 by Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books Div., in paperback, says Jan, is her tribute to her lost children; one daughter apparently adopted out, the others either murdered or stillborn, or forcibly aborted.

"We, and God, know the truth," she says. And, though I would have preferred back then to have had them laid to rest in "sacred earth," like cemeteries, time and healing have proven to me that the scripture saying "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it," makes of all of God's lands and waters, "sacred spaces."

"I'm so pleased to have, providentially, come across Tom Golden's site on my new computer. (Friends loaned it to her because she lives on a small Social Security Disability allowance, all her money having gone into the investigation and costs to do the book.)

"I love life. Even with all I've suffered. I'd have loved my children to have known and enjoyed human existence as I'm now able to do." And I hope one day my daughter will find me. For I love her too."

P.S. I won't proof this. It's to painful to re-read.

Janice Knowlton

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