I miss my Dad

Jan Lewis

My name is Jan and my dad died very suddenly from a heart attack last June 28 1995. I'm 42,married, with a 15 yr. old daughter. Dad was 75. My mom is still alive and I have one brother. My family lives about 900 kilometers from me and I feel so isolated much of the time. Nobody here except my immediate family knew him and they weren't close to him. I can't believe the pain I feel. I never wanted him to suffer and I'm so grateful he didn't but I miss him so. My folks came to visit last year for Father's Day. I'm grateful for that too. It was a nice weekend. But to get a call at 6;30 a.m. a short time later to say he was dead is unbelievable. I've joined a grief group and that helps somewhat and so does time, but man, until you go through you sure don't know the pain. I feel like I'm part of an exclusive club now. Those who know and those who don't. Cherish the ones you love and let them know 'cause no one ever knows when it'll happen.

Jan Lewis, Point Edward, Ontario, Canada

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