my mother, i love her

Jaclyn White

My name is Jaclyn, I will be eighteen in ten days. My mother meant the world to me, and I miss her. She was diagnosed with Renal Cancer on August 21, 1996. Her doctors told us (my mom, dad, sister, and cousin) that there was nothing they could do to make it go away. We were at the university of Minnesota hospital, and they left us in a room for two hours, all alone, they forgot about us. Finally, after the third time I went to the receptionists desk, they finally called the doctors and told them to come immediately. We sat in that room for two hours, not knowing, it was almost the worst time in my life. We sat there for two hours to have the doctors come in and tell me my mom was gonna die and there was nothing that they could do. My mother was strong through it all, and I am very very proud of her. We took her home that day, and we did everything we could to make her comfortable and to let her know that we loved her. Her health quickly disintegrated, and she died December 26, 1996. One of the last things she wanted to do before she died was make a snow angel. My family and I strapped her weakened body to a backboard that we had borrowed, and we took her outside, and moved her arms and legs, and we helped her make her snowangel. but she is gone now, and i am lost, she will not be here for my high school graduation, my college graduation, my wedding, nothing! I cannot deal with it. It's too hard. I miss her so much, and I love her

Jaclyn White

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anniversary date 12-26-96
date of post 04-05-97

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