My Endless Love

Irma Alice Herrera

On April 25, 1997 I got married to Louis Henry Herrera Zavala, my life's greatest love. I believed that after four years of engagement my dream had come into a reality. I was very happy. A week later, six days after our wedding, my husband was murdered in an assault and his dead body was hidden by his killer, so we thought at first, that he was only missed. On May 8th, 1997, a week later, his dead body was finally found. He had two shots on his back. I never, never thought that his life was going to end in that way. All my world crashed down and part of my life went with him. It's now a year ago and I still love my husband "like the fist time I met him" and I know that I'll always do it, because everything shared with him is gonna be like a tattoo in the bottom of my heart. I also am certain that perhaps God and Life could bring a new opportunity to me, but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be the same, because every moment shared and lived with him was my "first time" and I believe that those moments are irreplaceable because the sensation of how I was discovering the whole meaning of love including "my first experience" was something that can't be replaced by "other times" because is not the same taste, the same feeling, the same sense. And I know that there's also something from the bottom of my heart that keeps saying me that he's going to be MY ENDLESS LOVE...

Irma Alice Herrera

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anniversary date 5-1-97
date of post 05-11-98

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