The Life and Death of an Angel on Earth

Holly Sharpe

I wish I could explain to people who didn't know Katy and now never will, how happy she was. She was only 16 when killed in a car accident on her way to school. Her and 2 other friends died. She was always smiling even when she was mad at you, and like her boyfriend said at her funeral "She'd be smiling and laughing but say I'm still mad at you!!" She was the first person to help out. I'll never forget the first day I met her, we were paired up to try out for Cheerleading together. She was to be a freshman and me a senior. We both made it and shared many laughs and tears that year. I remember putting her in a lift for the first time she was so scared...But she just stood way up there and smiled while screamed "Get me down please!!" She would always help out whenever she could. She was the only cheerleader who would stay after practice just to make posters for the game....and they always had to be perfect. I got out of School in 97 and she began her sophomore year that fall. I'll never forget the day my best friend came to the door her eyes filled with tears and all she said was you haven't heard?? Of course I replied no and then the terrible news came. My Katy had been killed. Driving 110mph so not to be late to school. The funeral was awful, she lay there in her homecoming gown no smile upon that beautiful face, and the gold bracelet she was to get from her boyfriend for Christmas. I tried to be strong for her parents but as I walked away I just thought to myself, "that's not her", "there's no Smile" I broke down at that point. The day of her Burial was even worse listening to my friends and classmates pay tribute to someone we all loved. I stood in that standing room only church I felt her there with us, Smiling down on us letting us know that even though she wouldn't be with us anymore she was still happy. And the thing that will remain with me the most is what her boyfriend who had never spoke a word to me before in his life grabbed me at the funeral and said you know she loved you right?? Well I love you too Katy Elaine!! We all do and you will never be forgotten!!

Holly Sharpe

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anniversary date 11-13-97
date of post 07-08-98

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