Gypsi age 40 Writes in memory of her son Rocky age 17yr.

Gypsi Hudspath

I'm writing to tell you about my son Rocky. He was killed on Sept 3, 95. He was 2 months shy of 18 years old and was just only 4 days into his senior year. Two days before he was "killed" he played his first football game of the year and made his first car payment on his "semi new car." He saved over 1 year and drove around in an old junk car and worked many hours at Mc`ds to be able to buy the car of his dreams. He was just starting his young life, when he was taken from us in the blink of a eye..... The "person" who killed him had s his Lic. revoked 4 times in 5 years. 3 for DUI and the other for reckless and speeding. He wasn`t even supposed to be on the road. To date right now almost 9 mo. later he still hasn`t even been to court. I lost all trust in our legal system. Some days the pain is so bad I don`t even want to go on. My son was my youngest and my favorite. I miss him so much. Everyday I wake up I wish I didn`t. I no longer want to go on in this hell I now live in some people call " life" I am just here, I go thru the daily motions of "life" but I am not really here. If anyone out there who is a survivor, please write me and let me know how you got thru it. I need all the help I can find from those who know and have been there.... Blessings Gypsi

If you wish to write Gypsi you can find her at:[email protected]
mail welcome

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