My Father-In-Law

Greta, Dale, and Nigel (Red Dog)

I would like to honour my father-in-law, Doy Ballard, Jr., of Mexia, Texas, by first stating that I regret never having said anything of this nature to his face when he was alive:

Dear Pop;

It's been over a year since you left us, and it's still hard to imagine you're not here. I want to pick up the phone sometimes and call you, hoping you'll have a new joke for us. I just want you to know that I love you and I really appreciated everything you did for me and for Dale. We miss you so much. We keep seeing things around that remind us of you, and every time I hear an Aggie joke, I can almost hear your laughter with it. I'd like to apologise now, for a lot of little indiscretions over the years, from the thoughts I've thought about you and the mean things I said in the heat of arguements. I know living with you didn't help you any, but I thank you profusely from the bottom of my very soul for the support you offered. Your influences continue to rear themselves in our everyday life. Nigel (our dachshund) gets a "grampa's breakfast egg" every now and then. Dale (his son) and I make great mounds of goulash and corn bread for the Dallas Cowboys' games. And we keep in touch with Bonnie (his then-wife) every now and then.

We miss you terribly.

We all love you immensely.

Greta, Dale, and Nigel ("red dog")

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